This is the Rezi about page.

This is just a general write up about the Rezi website and it's functions. All of which can be found on the project Github .

A word on piracy first: Ever since I got my first pc, I never had enough money for all the games that I wanted to play, so pirating was my only way of playing some of the best games, without having the money to do so. Trying to find direct downloads, torrents, and links in the mess that is the internet was very difficult. Many sites had so many ads that is was impossible to actually download, some sites just gave me viruses, and some sites just were never updated. It has gotten better, but Rezi is my way of helping the pirating (and non-pirating) community to find the games they want without all of the hassle. Whether it's because the game is not available to buy, too expensive for you, or you just want to demo a game before you buy it, pirating is a good way to do all of those. I do not recommend pirating though, as it hurts developers, but it is better than buying off of sites such as G2A, CDKeys, or ENEBA. Please do not pirate if you believe it is immoral. I myself, own many games, and games that I have pirated before, I have bought, even though I don't play them anymore. That was the main inspiration for this project, but it really started out with a discord bot that I created, and am still actively developing, which grabbed games from the best sites and gave them to you.

As a reminder, this website does not contain anything other than links, and hosts no real content. Please keep that in mind. This website will have a hard time being taken down, and will likely stay available for a long time.

Rezi was built with:

Just some basic pseudo code to show how it all works together:

  1. A headless chrome browser loads everything it needs.
  2. It begins the grabbing process. It then reads from an input file all the required items such as link, link id's, and next page id's or class. This makes it very modular, and it is very easy to add or remove links.
  3. It then moves from link to link, grabbing all links in the site and if there are different pages, goes through each page and grabs all those links, until there are no more left. It then moves onto the next link until there are no more links and it finishes up the grabbing process by putting everything it grabbed into a json file.
  4. The json file gets loaded into the program again and is "cleaned". It removes certain keys (links) that it may have grabbed accidentally and saves it again.
  5. It then takes the cleaned json file and formats it. It assings a random 10 digit id to each link, and gives each link a name. It is all then put into another json file for the final step.
  6. Finally it takes the cleaned and formatted json file and it sends it to the server which hosts Meilisearch so it can be searched through.

The program is pretty optimized and takes only about 30 minutes to grab all links, clean then format them all. Grabbing each link takes the longest amount of time. All of the python code together takes less than 225 lines of code, so it is a very small program.

A word on links: I would always recommend using an adblocker when visiting these sites. Most of them are very reputable and safe, but some are a little bit more sketchy, but I have multiple different ones available, so if you have any problems with a site, use a different one. The updated list of sites being used is available on the github wiki .

Please enjoy using, as I made it to be used as much as possible. Thank you for all your support. Made by Wamy